Christos Valley Estate Pty Ltd
260 Chittering Valley Road
Lower Chittering WA 6084
ABN: 29 020 947 430
Phone: (08) 9571-8244
Fax: (08) 9571-8255

The vineyard is nestled in the breathtaking Lower Chittering Valley located 60Km north of Perth. The vineyard provides the perfect climate conditions to present extraordinary wines which can only be replicated by this select environment.

The rich, loamy soil, natural water catchment from the natural forest, plus our long term, experienced vineyard manager involved from the initial planting to final maturity, provide the ingredients for this ultimate experience.

There's no doubt many have contributed towards making Christos Valley Estate what it is today and during the journey to this point, a very special place has evolved with a beautiful range of quality wines. A truely remarkable experience is awaiting you at Christos Valley Estate.

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